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Our effectiveness in providing a total package is enhanced by the close working relationship between Campaign Focus and sister company, Pixel Focus. Many of our clients reap the benefits of having high quality 3D imagery integrated into brochures, web design and marketing materials, with their branding having a consistent look and feel.

Pixel Focus is an international 3D architectural animation firm based in Perth, Western Australia. Affiliated with Campaign Focus, they operate as an accomplished 3D architectural visualisation business providing an exemplary service.

Pixel Focus is dedicated to producing a wide variety of premium quality 3D animated fly-throughs and digital stills to create unique, lifelike illustrations of buildings and developments. No project is too big or small. Whether the client requires 3D stills to model a development for a DA application or a full marketing 3D video fly-through for an entire new residential estate, Pixel Focus are able to accommodate.

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